[Verified Method] How To Find My Airpods Case For Iphone and Android | Preventing Further Lost

How To Find My Airpods Case For Iphone and Android

Finding My AirPods | Overview

You can find your Airpods with Airpods by using the Find My App on your Apple device. It might be difficult to locate the case if there isn’t at least one Airpod inside.

It’s important that you mention that the Find My application works best when you look for your AirPods independently – that is, if one or both of them have been lost outside of their case.

The Find My app can technically still find your AirPods within their charging cases. But only if it remembers where they were when you last used them.

However, it is important to mention that the Find My app was created to locate devices that aren’t dead.

You can play a sound from your AirPods to help you find them more easily when they’re charged and within range (30-50ft).

AirPods on Android, Is it Possible ?

AirPods are compatible with almost all Android phones and tablets, contrary to popular belief. AirPods are not only compatible with Apple products. They can also be connected to other Android devices as long Bluetooth is enabled.

AirPods do not have all of the functionality available on Android. However, you can still listen and play audio.

The Right Approach to Find your Airpods Case

How To Find My Airpods Case For Iphone and Android
How To Find My Airpods Case For Iphone and Android
  • Find My app will locate your Airpods case no matter where it may be, whether you are near or far. As long as at least one Airpods is in the case, it will be detected. Continue as follows:
  • Start the “Find My” app on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac. Sign in with your Apple ID password if you are using an iPhone or iPad.
  • Suppose you are using a Mac click on “iCloud” in The Menu Bar. Sign in with your Apple ID or password.
  • Click on “Devices,” then choose your Airpods. The app will show you where your Airpods are located, along with the date and time when they were last seen.
  • Now you need to go and find them. Click “Directions” to display a map showing where they were last seen.
  • Once you have found them, you can play a sound to help you find them if they are nearby.

How to Find my Airpods For Android Devices

An app called Wunderfind is the best way to find your AirPods on Android devices. It does exactly what the name suggests. It can locate and retrieve your AirPods or headphones almost immediately.

Once the app has been installed, all that’s left to do is to select the device to be found, in this example, AirPods. Next, you will need to walk around the area so that the app can determine how close you are. Wunderfind’s Device Radar & Distance Score are great for any device.

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Device Radar, an exclusive functionality of Its Device Radar, shows you all Android or iOS devices that are within a specific distance. The Distance Score lets you see how close you’re to the device of choice.

Wunderfind is highly recommended, not only for finding lost AirPods but also for other purposes.

I don’t have WiFi or a Cellular Network Connection, Any Solution ?

Even if you don’t have WiFi or a cellular internet connection, your AirPods can still be tracked. You can do this by launching Find My Network from the Airpods you were using.

This is done by opening “Settings” then selecting your name. Launch Find My. Tap on Find My device name and then turn on “Find My device” Now, turn on “Find My network.” Now you will be able to view the location of Airpods cases.

Finding My AirPods Case if They are Offline

The app will tell you where your AirPods are located and when they last saw them. You can also view this information by clicking “Devices,” which is located in iCloud on Mac.

Preventing My Airpod Case From Missing

Make sure your “Find My!” App is properly set up

Apple’s “Find My” app is essential every time you lose your Apple device.

Once you have the app set up and all your devices connected, it will be easy to find them every time you lose them.

Even if your AirPods have died, you can still track them down by using the Find My app.

You won’t find your AirPods if you don’t use this app. It will only be a treasure hunt with no clues or guarantees.

Follow these steps to set up the Find My app.

  1. Allow “Find My,” which will use your location.
  2. Continue
  3. Tap “Devices” at the bottom.
  4. All connected devices to your Apple ID must be immediately visible.

Wrapping Up

You can find them if you’re patient, willing, and able to search carefully and not panic.
If you can, purchase an AirTag and keep it along with your AirPods. You won’t have to guess their exact location ever again!
Which methods have you used to locate lost AirPods? Please share your thoughts with us below!

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