[Already Fixed 2022] How I Successfully Fixed YouTube comments not Loading in Minutes

Fixed YouTube comments not Loading

YouTube Comments | Overview

YouTube is a worldwide phenomenon and a major player in the video platform industry. However, it is not perfect. YouTube is susceptible to bugs that can affect certain users and cause problems in specific situations. YouTube comments may not load or show up sometimes.

You may be interested in the opinions and contexts of others when you are watching a video. Without comments, this is not possible. There are many ways to resolve this frustrating issue.

YouTube comments can have many problems. While some may see a blank page underneath the video, others will see a blue spinning wheel. Sometimes, there will be a few comments visible. However, when you click the “more replies”, the spinny wheel returns.

How I Fixed YouTube comments not Loading

Fixed YouTube comments not Loading

Basic troubleshooting

Reload the video page first. There may be temporary issues that prevent comments from loading. You can fix this by clicking the reload option.

Try waiting for a while. Perhaps the problem is on YouTube’s side. You may have to wait for the comments to improve.

Confirmed Methods in Fixing YouTube Comments not Loading

1. Sign Into Your Google Account

YouTube video comments can be viewed regardless of whether you are signed in to your Google account. However, this solution sometimes proves to be the easiest and most simple.

Clicking the “Sign In” prompt in the upper right corner will allow you to log on with any Google account you’ve previously used on your device. You can sign out and then sign back in if you have not seen comments.

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Are Youtube comments not appearing? Sign in with another Google account and navigate to the video. If you don’t have one of your accounts, create another to fix these kinds of problems.

2. Verify your Internet connection

You may also experience YouTube comments not loading due to an Internet connection issue. You can fix this by restarting the router/modem.

Next, turn off your computer and your router/modem. Wait for 2-3 minutes before you restart the devices.

If the problem persists, you can try the solution below.

3. See a different video.

You may need to sign in again and refresh the page several times, but still no comments. Try selecting another video to view. 

If there are no comments on those videos, it could be a problem with YouTube or a permissions-based bug with your setup. One video may be affected, but it could be because the video owner chose to review comments before they are posted.

Sometimes, the owner of the page simply turned off comments to prevent viewers from commenting. This is usually depicted by a message instead of comments, indicating the owner’s decision.

4. Try Using a VPN

Many times, YouTube comments are not loading due to Internet connection problems. Your connection to YouTube maybe being cut off. To fix the problem, you might need a VPN.

A VPN requires computer skills and time. You will need to create a VPN server and connect to it. A VPN service is an alternative. We recommend NordVPN.

5. Open YouTube In Incognito Mode

If the comments do not display, it could be a problem with your browser or the latest update to the browser that has caused the inability to load the components.

YouTube will quickly report the issue, and they will investigate. These issues can be caused by cached settings or data (retained from prior accesses to this site) or certain aspects of site data such as cookies, extensions or plugins.

You can turn on your browser’s incognito feature if you suspect that this is the case. This mode doesn’t use plugins or extensions, so they won’t interfere with comments loading.

Google Chrome offers an incognito mode, which is easy to find. It is located at the top of your menu in the vertical ellipsis. Do not forget to check if there was an extension or plugin that caused the problem.

6. Changing your YouTube Layout

It is possible to change your YouTube layout back to the old one. This has helped many YouTube users to restore their comments. To do so:

  1. Go to YouTube’s homepage and click on your profile picture (upper left). Next, select Settings.
  2. Click View more features.
  3. Click in the upper-left corner the YouTube logo

This should bring you back to the original YouTube layout. This should work for you. You’ll be able to view the video comments.

7. Reset Your Browser

You can also take a more severe step if you’ve determined that your web browser is the problem. Resetting your browser is the next step.

It is similar to restoring an electronic device to its factory settings. It goes through many tweaks and changes during the use of a web browser. One of these, out of hundreds, could be the source for the YouTube comments issue. However, it can be difficult to track down which one.

If you’re okay with your browser returning to its default settings, you can expect to see your comments and write on YouTube again.

8. Try and Clear your App Cache (Android/iOS).

YouTube comments problems aren’t just limited to mobile devices. You can also remove the cache from the app if you don’t see or cannot enter comments on your Android device.

You can do this by going to the Apps and Notifications menu then choosing the YouTube app you want from the list. You will find the “Storage and cache” section. This section will show you how much space has been occupied by cached information on this app. You will find a few options, including “Clear cache” if you drill down.

This option allows a video’s components to be reloaded entirely rather than being based on previous preferences or videos. Clearing cache on the iOS platform is more difficult and requires the app to be deleted and reinstalled.

Wrapping Up

The fact that people face this issue : YouTube comments not loading, is a general problem, the above methods will definitely fix the issue. Any suggestions ?

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